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At Ballarat Health Foods, it would be quicker to tell you what we don’t stock when it comes to organic products, health products and organic health food in Ballarat. But we won’t tell you what we haven’t got, instead you can browse our extensive online catalogue to see extensive range of what we offer at our health food shop.

If you’re looking for organic health food in Ballarat, you have come to the right place. One visit to Ballarat Health Foods will keep you coming back. We stock a range of healthy drinks, such as teas, coffee and juices, sports nutrition products and various other health products, including oils, probiotics and vitamins.

Ballarat Health Foods isn’t just an organic health food store. We also have an extensive range of wellness health products in Ballarat, including crystals and essential oils. On our shelves you’ll also find an array of organic natural beauty products, such as body products, skin care and hair care, products for around the house including for the kitchen and bathroom, as well as household appliances.

We don’t just narrow our audience to humans at Ballarat Health Foods either. If you prefer organic or more natural alternatives for your animals or pets, we stock animal health products at our organic food store in Ballarat.

At Ballarat Health Foods, we stock renowned brands whether it’s healthy food products, health products or nutrition and wellness products. Some of our brands we stock include (but are not limited to) Avalon Organics skin and hair beauty products, Lotus foods, Natural Health Organics, Dr Bronners, Herbs of Gold, Bach Essences and much, much more.

We pride ourselves on our friendly service and outstanding knowledge of our product range as well as our competitive pricing. We aim to create an organic health food or health product shopping experience at Ballarat Health foods that will keep you coming back. Contact us for more information.

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