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Your Ballarat organic health food store

The home of healthy food products in Ballarat

We pride ourselves on our extensive and delicious range of organic healthy food products on the shelves at Ballarat Health Foods. Every food product we stock at our health food shop is here for a reason, whether it’s locally grown or produced, organic, good for your health and wellbeing, or all of the above.

Like all good health food stores, we specialise in and stock gluten free health products, various grocery lines, as well as sugar and preservative-free products and much more. Ballarat Health Foods aims to make food shopping easy for people who want to adapt to a healthier diet and lifestyle, as well as those who are already passionate about organic products and healthy food products.

Organic health food contains fewer pesticides, is usually fresher due to the absence of preservatives, and organic producers’ practices are environmentally friendly. These factors are important to us at Ballarat Health Foods and we do our best to ensure the healthy food products on the shelves at our health food store benefit the consumer.

Our range of organic food products is so comprehensive that we can’t name them all here, but luckily you can browse our online catalogue to see what we have at our Ballarat health food shop. You will find organic food products such as cacao and vanilla, cereals, coconut products, nuts, pantry items and a whole lot more. You’ll also find in-store prepare mixes and premix foods as well as raw chocolate.

At Ballarat Health Foods, we make grocery shopping easy and welcoming for people wanting organic products. While you’re picking up your organic food products, you can also check out our range of beauty and body products, sports nutrition products or even wellness products such as essential oils and crystals.

Come and visit our Ballarat organic food store to see for yourself, or contact us for more information on what we have to offer.